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  Short Films have bright future. The advantage is the budget. 

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The Obtruder_00147.jpg

Produced By- Arjun Sahni. 
Co-Produced By - Saawan Singh

Director- Saawan Singh

Cast - Gagan Sukhija, Chayani,  Yash, Rajan, Jyoti

Three different stories intertwined together showcasing different perspectives portrayed by various people. 




Produced By- Mahipal Singh, Saawan Singh

Director- Saawan Singh

Cast - Saurabh Sanwal, Saawan Singh, Shubham Tripathi 

He is an IT Professional whose job demands more than 10 hours a day. Eventually his job results in the biggest stress of his life, pushing him into drugs. Its called the weekend drug. Before going to a few moments of ecstasy, this IT professional puts aside everything that connects him to his job, and inhales the best drug to have some moments of relaxation. Find out the best drug through this Short-Film.


Writer- Krishnan Nambiar, Saawan Singh

Edited and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Pooja Gautam, Rajat Sukhija, Krishnan Nambiar, Praveen Pandey, Abhas Singh, Abhijeet Chaturvedi 

Miara goes up to join the world's biggest terrorist organisation IFI. The film takes a sudden turn when Miara is asked to kill her father so as qualify the last entry test of the IFI


Writer- Saawan Singh

Edited and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Madhur Gautam, Himanshu Dhanwani


Mohammad Ismile decides and goes on a secret mission to kill people from a specific community. The reason behind his killings remain unknown until he doesn't drug his prey and kill it. 

India today_00147.jpg


Writer- Saawan Singh

Edited and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Vismay Singh, Pooja Gautam, Swapnil Agarwal, Srishti Yadav, Umang Singh, Mayank Sharma, Nirpendra Chauhan, Jayesh Naithani

A man sitting outside a college library is waiting for a girl to come out. He plans to do some eve-teasing and see public reaction. The social experiment goes just fine and ultimately the man discloses harsh truth of reality. 


The Film was selected as Top-10 in Mumbai Film Festival and went viral on whatsapp shares. 

Don't Text and Drive_00147.jpg


Writer- Saawan Singh

Shot and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Manav Chauhan, Aarushi Gupta, Shubham Tripathi, Jagriti Bajpai

The story of a roadside sister who saves his brother. The result is shocking. However, the child continues to play with his sister until a man comes and shows this child the reality.

Our first film to hit 1 million views on YouTube. This was showcased in Children's Film Festival in India. The entire shooting was done in one day. 



Writer- Saawan Singh

Written, Edited and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Swapnil Agarwal, Mainali Gautam, Shravan, Utkarsh, Dr. Akanksha Chauhan 

Azra is quite sad for she fell in love with a Hindu boy and her community is not ready to get her married outside religion. When is feels sad, the boy comes and explains that there are so many sad people in this world, not just them. This boy tries to give Aarfa a hope to stay calm in a suspense situation that they have got in.



Writer- Saawan Singh

Written, Edited and Directed By- Saawan Singh

Cast - Umang Singh, Kashvi Dutta, Saawan Singh, Nirpendra Chauhan 

Story of a young couple, where the girl lands up getting engaged into an extra marital affair. It is then when a murder is planned, however, the murder plan goes wrong due to timing issues. 

Our first unofficial project presented by Saawan Singh

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