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What should a 20 year Old do ? Life Changing Article for all Teenagers for a satisfying career.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Are You Preparing yourself for the Universe, or a University?

Very well mentioned-- All of us have to live in this universe. There is no choice about it right now. But university is a choice. You did school. Since you did school you went to college. Since you went to the college you did the next thing and you end up with a PhD. Now what to do? Education Scientists are saying that if you go through 20 years of formal education and land up with a PhD. or something, seventy percent of your intelligence is irrevocably destroyed. You may become a very knowledgeable idiot. Today, knowledge has no use because whatever a Phd holder knows a high school kid can open the internet and talk the same language. You can't even look smart anymore with whatever knowledge you collected. So are you preparing for a university, or a universe? That is where you have to live, unless you want to become an academic. I am not saying these things are wrong, but sensible human beings must invest their lives towards what is needed the most.

Education is of a value to do certain things. But what should we be doing in our lives as an individual human beings or as a generation of people. What I would say as a young man is I want you to open your eyes and look at the world. Please see what is the most needed thing in the world right now. You don't do some fanciful thing that you like to do. You must do what's most needed. People get carried away by situations. It is useful but it is not the basic thing. Today you saw a train burning, so you want to become a fire fighter. Tomorrow you see something else and you want to become that. You tend to become something in an emotional reaction. It could be useful at some level. But now when most young people cannot think, they wonder " What should I do with my Life?" When such a thought has come, I would say spend a little more time on it. Not being influenced by anybody or anything, simply look at it; what is it that the humanity needs the most. We should recognize what the world needs the most today. Do you know that the only thing that needs to be fixed on this planet is human beings, everything else is fine.

Just because today you think by doing this you will be happy, don't ever think you will stay happy by doing this. For example, when they get their first job, everybody thinks, "what a great day it is, what a great office". In real, sitting behind that table is taking their life. The same job and the same situations take your life. At one day they look like heaven, after sometime it looks like hell. Not because there is something wrong with those jobs, simply because you are doing it for the wrong reasons.

I would say, take a few weeks off. Just look at your life staying uninfluenced by anybody. There are many things you would want to do right now because of immediate compulsions. Finding a job might be a compulsion for a lot of people. Besides those compulsions, suppose you had no compulsions, what would you like to do with life, just do it. You should not decide your life and the course of your life based on the immediate compulsions. You decide in your life, if you do this for hundred years and look back, is it still worthwhile? If it is, simply do that.

Now that you are 20 and you are thinking, it's time you think straight before you do anything.

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