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The Empty Idea of Gender Equality

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

We must understand that nature has given a larger responsibility to the women in terms of bearing a child and having a profound influence on the child in the early part of child's life. When we talk about a child, don't think about reproduction. You and I are here because of that. Our very existence began in a woman's body.

Today we have just exaggerated the simple biological factors of male and female. When you are walking through a street why should you be bothered whether somebody is a woman or a man. It is not your business. It should just matter maybe in bathrooms or bedrooms. In the working places, streets or wherever else you are, why should it matter whether somebody is a man or a woman? Why can't they just be treated as human beings? I think we are excessively focusing on this which is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere. We are constantly over infatuated with body parts that is why we are going on identifying people by their gender. You are not recognizing people by their intelligence, capabilities and competency. This is not a fair aspect of looking at the world. What is important for the rest of your life is how much brain you have and how capable you are. Gender is important only for certain aspects of life. It is only valid in certain relationships. In the rest of the relationships the gender should not even come into the picture. Only then there will be equality. There is no need to go on talking about women's rights. We must say human rights and women are part of it, that's all.

Many simple things which were done for the well being and the protection of a woman have become discriminatory over a period of time and taken on a very horrendous form of exploitation. We must look back and see why these little things were created. The western world is on a binge because they want to make male and female equal. It is not necessary to be equal, though equal opportunity is fine. It is not necessary to expect a woman to do the same things that a man is doing. If it happens like that, then what is the point of gender differentiation that nature has made. The feminine in this world is as important as the masculine in this world.

Today in the name of equality women are coming ahead and beginning to act like men maybe because they think that is the only way they can succeed in this world. This is not necessary because if you destroy the feminine then you truly have enslaved the woman. If you do not value the feminine in the world all the gentleness will go away and you will have a marketplace at home also. It is already happening. Before people marry they make an agreement, "when we break, who will get what in this house." How can 2 people live like this. In nature, we still have joy of the two people becoming one and enjoying that. Maybe after sometime they tend to fight but at least for sometime they have a joy of living two lives into one. When you go at it like this suspiciously in the name of equality, you will never know the joy of living with each other, mingling and spending time with each other, being one with each other, nothing will happen and home will become a market place. All this will happen just because of the wrong ideas of equality. We should not even talk about equality. We should rather be talking about responsibilities towards each other.

This article does not talk about women empowerment. That is a different concept. No society can flourish without empowering the Feminine.

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