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Only Life should decide when it has to leave. Say no to SUICIDE

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Around 800,000 people commit suicide every year. This means that approximately every 40 second a person is committing suicide. This is many times more than the number of people being murdered or those who are dying in wars. Why is this happening? There are many aspects to this. If people have lost somebody who is dear to them or whom they look up to, they go into an emotional state and fail to look at it as it should be. Are you willing to look at it as a life and not as a person. One of the most fundamental reasons of an individual or a human being which may end in a suicide, a depressed state or in some other kind of ailment is a subject to various aspects. But essentially it is a collapse. In suicide, the life did not collapse. A life collapse is different. Though all the suicide cases should be treated with compassion. It is not that I have no compassion. It indeed is a sensitive matter. If you want to grasp what it is then you have to look at it simply the way it is. Otherwise, when somebody commits suicide or somebody dies you might tend to get emotional and maybe you think that this is the end of the world. But maybe after 3 days you might go back to your normal life and forget about it. Once again if somebody dies there will be the same emotion, same struggles and back to square one. So it is time that you should look at it just as life and not as a person. Especially not as a person that was near to you, dear to you or someone you loved. Do not look it that way but just as a life. There are many layers to this. One fundamental aspect of suicide is that the experience of life is not pleasant. Right now the experience about life has been motivated by other things, mainly success in the world, money and wealth or relationships, etc. If the market collapses somebody will commit suicide. If a lower fare collapses somebody will commit suicide. If they lose their wealth somebody will commit suicide. It is because what you call as a human being unfortunately is a collage of all these things. My money, my home, my family and my relationships, my job, position, my fame, my name stitched as a collage. A collage means a loosely put together piece such that anytime it can collapse. If somebody burns one part of the picture it will collapse. I am sure many questions will come up in a brief time and I won't be able to cover all these aspects.

I believe most of humanity is not willing to look humanity straight in the eye. They probably want drama. To put it very simply, there is life. Life does not mean things that happen in your life. Life is not a drama that is happening around you. Life is a fundamental thing that is happening within you. This life runs on the basis of certain principles and laws of its own. Today, there is a world around you that you call society. It learns and it runs on its own crazy principles that are fluid and change all the time. Today if you do one thing, people might clap their hands and 100 years later, they might pull you down for the same thing. The life that you are and the mind that you are are like two bulls on a cart. You must be a skillful driver to keep the two bulls moving in one direction. If one goes this way, another goes that way, one's cart will crash. Not everybody will crash unfortunately, Unfortunately, 800,000 people per year. I am not sure but what they say is approximately 200,000 people are between 20-29 years of age. They are taking out the rhyme of their life.

So what is that struggle? Maybe you start believing that your thought process and emotion is a life by itself. Maybe you start believing that your social situations are a life by itself. There is no need to end your life. Some people live long. That does not mean that they escaped death. They live it well that's all. Their mind and their life, the two bulls ran together or maybe, they were wise enough to make it into one bull and only their life ran. So right now the best thing to do is that the two bulls must be disciplined enough to ride together. You don't try to make life go with mind, there is no such thing. It runs by itself. Life is running. This is a creation. Your business is to keep the other bull which is entirely your bull (mind) made up by run with this bull. Your bull should just be a shadow of this bull (life).

Over 800,000 people are committing suicide every year. We can't be very proud of having created a great society or a civilization. If genuinely we have created a great society then all sorts of people should be able to find a place somewhere. Everybody should at least know how to remain peaceful and joyful within limited space. In this cosmic space you are just like a dust particle. For every dust particle there is an individual experience. Right now, since you have taken this individual experience too seriously and abusing it too much, your miseries your frustrations have unfortunately leading to suicide. Many other people are living far more miserable than the people who actually committed suicide, but they continue to live because one bull is very strong and it is not giving .

Well, only life should decide when it should end. Once a life is gone, either by ailment, accident, natural death or suicide, it does not matter how. Once life has left we must bow down because that is the decision of a life for whatever reason about which, we do not have any power or control. You have power to write it, but you have no power to control it and direct it. You can only enjoy the ride of life. So once life has left, whoever it is and for whatever reason, it might look silly, but one must bow down, accept and respect that.

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