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Intellectuals graduated from Instagram university are a bigger threat than Corona.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Except human beings no other creature wants to destroy its habitat. It is only human beings who tend to destroy their habitat, they somehow do it unconsciously though. Similarly a virus kills you unconsciously. It just wants to live inside you. It just over does its act causing death.

When I was a kid, I used to have a common cold, cough, bad throat and anything young boys can get by that age. But, it never really put me down. I could still go out, run around and play games. The only advantage was I didn't have to go to school. I liked these things since it gave me an excuse for bunking school; officially. But, one day, one of my friends got cholera. It just knocked him down completely. He was unconscious. I heard his family members crying thinking they lost him. The doctors came and tried to do whatever they could. He didn't respond. Luckily, my friend sat up the next day. He wanted to go out but he was not allowed to move out. He managed to go up to his terrace for some fresh air. Till now I enjoyed all these things since they prevented me from going to school. But here this thing knocked my friend down in such a way that he almost died. I was curious to know about how such a tiny thing which is not even visible kills someone. So this started bothering me and hence I wanted to know about this. My father took up biology in his time and I am sure he must have had a good idea about all these things, so I asked him about these things. So my father told me a bit about pathogens which include viruses, bacteria and a lot other varieties of them.

Right now, for example Corona; it was living well in animals without killing them. Now it jumped onto humans and was still doing the same thing that it was doing to the animals. It is humans who are not able to withstand it and ultimately collapsing. It is clearly established now that most human beings who have good immune systems are recovering, however, the ones with the weak immune systems are becoming victims unfortunately. So what does this show? It simply shows that the virus just wants to live, however, it wants to live so aggressively that we may die. In the books on pathogens, it has been mentioned that most of the bacteria or viruses that enter us, who are within us right now are in many ways assisting our life processes without harming us. These bacteria could have been harmful, but they understood that they will destroy their own habitat, so they mutated into something milder over a period of time and eventually learnt to live with us. This is the nature of life. One inside the other, trillions of life forms living and meshed into each other. Trillions of viruses and bacteria live inside our body. It has been like this at least for the past thousands of years.

It is unfortunate that this is a time when there is an imminent disaster waiting ahead of us for the nation for the world. A country is putting their armed forces against its own people. We need to understand how serious it is. The entire United States army is out there to prevent their people from coming onto the streets. Indian Police are out there on the streets enforcing the lock down aggressively. This is because they realize how serious this problem is.

But even at a time like this, some intellectuals cannot stand up and do something useful and positive for somebody around them. All they do is just posting rubbish on social media. They think they have achieved a doctorate or became doctors on Instagram. It is unfortunate that a segment of the population does not care what happens to people around them, what happens to the nation and what happens to humanity. All they do is travel, roam around, not follow social-distancing and finally blame the health setup of a country. All they have is poison and baseless knowledge. Whoever is going out, travelling and posting rubbish on the twitter or internet, I would request you to do something useful for the people around them.

This is a time of an imminent disaster. If we do not handle this situation right, we are heading for a major disaster, where millions of lives will just get wiped out. This is not the time of roaming out or travelling. This is not the time to criticize our health care system or our health ministry. This is the time when everyone should stand up and do whatever positive they can for just anyone. This is not an ordinary time. As a generation of people, we have not faced a situation like this. This is a bigger emergency than the wars we have had in our countries, this is a bigger emergency than anything we have known. This can pass off without a major disaster if we behave responsibly and do the necessary positive action.

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